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David 'Bhakti' Gotlieb has a huge breadth of experience in counselling men, women, adolescents and couples. Providing a simple and effective method of being able to deal with inner and outer conflicts, Bhakti can teach you, in a very short period of time, how to intervene internally in an effective way to bring about real change.

The result is a sustainable way to deal with disturbing behaviours, whether they are your own or those around you. His e-book 'Healing Inner Conflict' is derived from 30 years of experience which delivered this modality that he has developed over the last ten years. 

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David's ability to explain old behaviour patterning and offer effective and long lasting methods of dealing with them have allowed me a more effective way of living my life especially with my family.


I now own the tools I need for understanding and defusing future emotional crisis. I can now live in a different kind of life - one of feeling good about myself!

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David's method of working, his unique skills and compassion, some personal courage and the patience of time, shows me that the suffering can be transformed into a positive and bright future.

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One-on-one counselling

Counselling and therapy is provided in our rooms in Bowral in the Southern Highlands and in Sydney our rooms at Ingleside. Learn More


Bhakti frequently runs full day workshops designed to equip people with the tools to correct behaviours that are regretful. Learn More

Healing Inner Conflict

HIC is a simple and effective way to begin to understand the mechanics of why we do what we do, internally or externally . Learn More