Marriage relationship conflict tips

Posted by Bhakti Das on Monday, June 23, 2014

For the most part, we fall in love and decide to nest. All is well until we're not able to maintain our 'best' behaviour and who we are 'warts and all' com out much to our own and our partners disappointment. What pops out are , what I call default mechanisms eg voice raising, name calling, put downs and various forms of intimidation in order to either get our partner to leave us alone or agree with us. David Gotlieb aka Bhakti Das offering Counselling in Bowral and the Southern Highlands can help you deal with conflict in relationship using his healing Inner Conflict principals and his Negotiation Guide which has a helped many couples fight fair! There is a certain mechanics to the intentions we have when we argue and the methods we use to get our point across. The intention is usually very pure but the method that we end up using is often wildly insensitive. We often use hurtful methods with the people we love most In The world and end up regretting that one moment afterwards.

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