Healing Inner Conflict Workshops 

“Precision in Counselling Using the Healing Inner Conflict(HIC) Four Mechanisms"

Learn about the four mechanisms that underpin all disturbing behaviour in series of workshops and receive up to 32 ODP points

Understanding the Four Mechanisms allows you to help clients notice and change when they are:
1) unable to express themselves fully
2) expressing themselves in a hurtful way externally
3) becoming passively aggressive due to internal overriding
4) using addictive behaviours as a way to cope with the first three mechanisms

By the end of the workshop you will have a thorough understanding of HIC principles that will enable you to understand how to work with the four mechanisms as well as practical experience at helping people intervene effectively with their disturbing behaviours. A thorough explanation of how  the HIC Eight Floor Card Template to help clients follow their disturbing signals, discover which mechanism is behind it and intervene effectively internally.

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