Simplifying Couple Counselling

using Healing Inner Conflict Principles

'Couple counselling can be a minefield. Knowing where to start and how to get tangible results can be tricky without clear guidelines to help you navigate.

Practitioners will leave with a clear and useable understanding of HIC principles which explain the basics of internal and external conflicts. Participants will get theory and practice using the eight Floor Card Template which helps clarify the components involved in the Four Mechanisms of inner and outer conflict. These mechanisms underpin the most common relationship conflicts and when understood, allow the practitioner to guide couples through their conflicts sensitively and effectively in a benchmarkable way.'

Healing Inner Conflict' is a simple and effective way to begin to understand the mechanics of why we do what we do, internally or externally... especially when it doesn't make any sense, like hurting the ones we love. These inner or outer behaviours like criticism, name calling etc are usually very disturbing both to ourselves and when we are like that with others. These disturbances are signals of healing trying to happen.

Using 8 floor card template that helps you understand what all the different parts of you are doing that help you begin to get a handle on what's going on in present moment context and what's going on internally that usually only makes sense in early childhood context. These are moments when you get triggered. Being able to intervene when you get triggered is what allows you to change the way you think, feel and act.

A 'How To' workshop of participant input, case studies and practical exercises exploring ...

  • Dissociation as a function
  • How emotional pain, like physical pain, is drawing attention to that which needs healing
  • Disturbing behaviours as healing trying to happen
  • Anger/fear, fight/flight, intimidation/paralysis as responses to perceived survival threats
  • How HIC's 8 floorcards act as a simple template for the self-discovery of the four most common disturbing behavioural responses that match development stages 1. childhood,  2. adolescent, 3. adults and 4. self-medication/distraction
  • The process of intervening internally with tangible, sustainable results
  • All particpants in the workshop receive a complimentary set of floorcards and the ebook "Healing Inner Conflict"

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